Equipment Development

We have a complete equipment assembly line, all processes are in order, relying on advanced equipment to guarantee the product and quality.
The piston rod automatic assembly machine independently developed by Lizhi can assemble various specifications of piston rod according to the parameter setting, greatly improving the production efficiency.
The gantry milling machine is composed of portal frame, bed table and electrical control system. The portal frame is composed of columns and top beams, with beams in the middle. The crossbeam can move up and down along the two column guide rails.
The full-automatic inflator independently developed by Lizhi is composed of hydraulic device, air circuit device and circuit device. When the pressure oil enters the supercharger through the reversing valve, it pushes the piston to move upward (downward) to pressurize the nitrogen entering the upper (lower) supercharger, and then through the one-way valve, the inflator is charged into the accumulator (or high-pressure container). The piston moves back and forth so that the nitrogen The air is pressurized to the required working pressure.
The automatic steel pipe cutting machine has high-precision double servo control. It can cut many times with one feeding, and test each workpiece to ensure the accuracy within ± 0.05mm. At the same time, the special high-precision servo, fast response, high precision, humanized function design of fast forward and slow backward can save the time of tool withdrawal and greatly improve the production efficiency.
The automatic ball screwing head machine includes the worktable, the large and small disks above the worktable, the loading and unloading station, the installation station and the testing station on the circumference, etc. the complicated automatic ball screwing head work is completed by the manipulator, which ensures the accuracy and the production capacity compared with the manual work.

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